Why FlexSMTP

Wherever you are, sending E-mail is turning out to be just about as important as breathing, so you want to have this arranged in a rock solid way.

FlexSMTP started meet the need of people that were travelling a lot. They were always hassling with settings trying to get things sorted so they could send some mail again. Doing this was a tedious and unnecessary job, but since FlexSMTP started this is issue is solved.

Just add the very same account settings you get from us on all different devices and they’ll send mail before you know it!
If you need even more security then your own and unique login, no problem. You can use TLS/SSL and go … it’s as easy as that!

So you wonder why you should use FlexSMTP?

– Is the SMTP server and/or service that your current provider supplies to you not good enough, not reliable enough or just too limited, come to us and see how well it could work

– Setting up and especially maintaining your own SMTP server is costly and you need the right knowledge to get it up and running and all the while after that to maintain it. The cost of this can, realistically, easily go into the 100’s of Euro’s a month.

– The administration and support of the various different provider settings and capabilities are often an eyesore for system administrators. Yes, they learned to live with it, but why should they. With our company plan, you get excellent service and only 1 set of details for all SMTP traffic, if you would want that.

– We keep it running, all if it. We check all of our servers and services around the clock. If we would miss something, our automated checking system, that actually check as if it’s a human trying to send some mail .. so like you would do, will ring the bell as fast as it can, so all that is covered.

So, you get a reliable service that you can call upon wherever you are and from any device that can send mail (even TLS/SSL is supported by almost all recent mail programs). Installing it is a doddle and shouldn’t take you more then 10 or 20 seconds more when you are setting up your mail account, or about 30 seconds if you have to go back into the E-mail account to make the adjustment.